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I first got the idea for First Time Last Time after I had a kid.

Not just after, but like several months later when my son first started eating.

Here’s me when I was a new dad —

After my son (above) started eating real food, my wife and I started marking off all these great “firsts” — first ice cream, first strawberry, first peach, first well-you-name-it. Each one was momentous and each was celebrated.

But then, later, I started thinking about all the “lasts” that were gonna come with me and my kids — we’d had a daughter by then.

I started thinking, when’s the last time I’m gonna read my kids a book? Or kiss them on the lips? Or snuggle in real close?

It was a little bittersweet but made me wonder about all different kinds of firsts and lasts. Some are monumental. Others come and go like a breeze. It got me curious so I started asking people questions. Before I knew it, this project was born.

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